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  • Voters Agree With VICA on A Majority of Issues

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    Voters headed to the polls yesterday, marking the culmination of months of work by VICA. The VICA Board vetted every measure on this year’s ballot, considering how each proposition would impact the housing crisis, infrastructure, and grow the economy. VICA took positions on twelve state and local measures, and voters agreed with VICA on the majority of the most important ones.
    VICA President Stuart Waldman said, “Voters overwhelmingly rejected bad policy that economists have known would have exacerbated the housing crisis. Proposition 10 was placed on the ballot by one man with a history of trying to stop new homes from being built, and voters showed that they understand the need for more housing for our families and veterans by rejecting Prop 10 and supporting Prop 1.”
    Voters also opted to protect crucial funding for road and bridge safety by rejecting Proposition 6.
    “The outright rejection of Proposition 6 shows that Californians are committed to protecting the investment SB 1 has made in the San Fernando Valley. These funds will be used for important transportation infrastructure improvements such as the Metro Orange Line and the construction of the East San Fernando Valley Transit Corridor, which will improve the local economy and quality of life for Valley residents.” Waldman said.
    Los Angeles voters also chose to reject Measure B, the first step to a risky, infeasible and expensive municipal bank. 
    Waldman added, “City of LA voters have rejected this attempt to waste billions of their taxpayer dollars on a foolish attempt to create a municipal bank. We urge the public bank activists to recognize that the voters have spoken, abandon this idea, and focus their attention on making this city better.
    Finally, the race for Measure W, a new per-square-foot tax on parking lots and other impermeable surfaces, is too close to call.
    Waldman commented, “Measure W would unfairly penalize businesses and homeowners in the San Fernando Valley who have larger parking lots and driveways. We are cautiously optimistic that voters will choose to reject this ill-conceived measure.”
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