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    JUNE 4, 2019

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    On Tuesday, I'm voting NO on Measure EE, a new property tax which will cost homeowners hundreds of dollars per year. Proponents of Measure EE say the money will go to schools, but there's NO guarantee this money will actually go to classrooms and NO meaningful accountability or oversight. Measure EE is a bailout of LAUSD, a school district which is failing students, and will allow them to keep paying for the status quo. Get more info at  https://www.votenoonee.com/.

    The teachers, parents and students at LAUSD are hard-working and dedicated. But they can only work so hard to overcome the systemic failure of leadership by the district. Unfortunately, LAUSD has chosen to continue kicking the can down the road by crafting a new tax which will cost the average family hundreds of dollars per year. Not a single penny of that tax is guaranteed to go to classrooms or our kids' education.

    Our kids deserve better than the district we have, and we all deserve better than the backroom deal which was hammered out to benefit adults, not kids. LAUSD chose to pursue an option which allows district administrators to maintain the status quo - but the status quo is just not working for our kids.

    The problem is that the district hastily placed this property tax on the ballot without any kind of a plan.
    • No plan to improve the education our kids receive
    • No accountability to reform spiraling pension and healthcare costs
    • No oversight to make sure the money is spent in the interest of kids, not administrators
    We don't even know how much money this is going to raise - the measure has been amended at least twice to change the types of buildings this applies to - but the projected revenue has not been updated.

    Before LAUSD asks us to pay hundreds of additional dollars in property tax, we need to know where the money is going. To pay for an existing structural deficit, which has been looming for years without any meaningful attempt to address it? To pay for the status quo, which isn't working for thousands of LAUSD students?

    The days of raising taxes on the promise of 'trust us' are done. Especially for this school district, which doesn't have a great track record to begin with. We want high-quality public schools so that Los Angeles can produce graduates equipped to take on the world.

    But Measure EE doesn't get us there, and I would urge you to Vote NO on EE.
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