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    The Valley Industry & Commerce Association (VICA) has released its 2013 Legislative Priorities, a list of public policy issues that will receive special attention from the organization during the new year.

    VICA’s 2013 Legislative Priorities were compiled by the group’s policy committees, and then reviewed by the board of directors, executive committee and voted on by the VICA general membership in order to determine the final list.

    In 2013 VICA will:

    1. Support state and local public pension reform that ensures current public employees pay their fair share of pension costs.

    2. Lead the effort for business tax reform in the City of Los Angeles, including an immediate substantial reduction of rates and establishment of a path for complete elimination of the tax.

    3. Advocate for city and county permitting fee waivers for television pilots filmed in the City of Los Angeles and greater San Fernando Valley region.

    4. Lead the charge to reinstate the flexible work week by allowing employees to work 40 hours during a given week rather than the current 8-hour workday maximum.

    5. Advocate for tax incentives to enable California manufacturers to produce the technology developed by California research and development firms.

    6. Pursue legislation to strengthen the California Permit Streamlining Act in order to ensure that state and local building permits are issued in a more timely fashion.

    7. Advocate for a faster investment timeline for the $40 billion secured through Measure R to speed up construction of major transportation projects in the greater San Fernando Valley.

    8. Advocate for repeal of state law prohibiting parents and community members from volunteering at K-12 schools in order to fill unfunded non-teaching positions, such as cafeteria servers, landscapers and library aides.

    9. Push for California Environmental Quality Act reform in order to eliminate project delays by external players for political, business or personal purposes, and extend existing exemptions to all projects.

    10. Pursue immediate reforms to the City of Los Angeles’ zoning code to ensure standardization of code interpretations by the Planning Department and Planning Commission and reduce the use of discretionary approvals.

    VICA works on numerous issues that impact the business community each year. While the 2013 Legislative Priorities are not the only issues VICA will tackle in the new year, they are extremely important to the overall health of the business community and economy,”

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