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    The Nightmare on Spring Street
    (September 17)
    The proposal to create a municipal "Bank of Los Angeles" will expose the city of Los Angeles to an enormous amount of cost and risk. Data shows that a Bank of L.A. would face enormous risk, startup costs and require extensive legislative and regulatory changes. We cannot afford the high level of risk involved in creating a Bank of Los Angeles. Billions of dollars would be spent to create a high-risk bank destined to be inefficient and operate as a loss. This bank is a shiny, new object for the city to moon over instead of actually trying to make current programs workable. Why can't the city focus on doing its programs well?
    Written by VICA President Stuart Waldman
    VICA Responds to Sidewalk Vending Law 
    (September 18)
    The signature of Governor Jerry Brown on a law to decriminalize sidewalk vending prompted a response from the Valley Industry & Commerce Association. SB 496, proposed by Senator Ricardo Lara (D-Bell Gardens), prohibits criminal penalties for sidewalk vending and allows cities to set up permit systems for street vendors. "This bill undermines local control and fails to protect brick-and-mortar businesses by mandating unregulated sidewalk vending regardless of input from local communities and businesses," VICA President Stuart Waldman said in a statement. "This one-size-fits-all approach fails to consider the unique situation surrounding sidewalk vending in different communities across our state."
    Air Resources Board Set to Turn Cap-and-Trade to Cap-and-Tax
    (September 30)
    California is one of the most expensive states in which to run a business. This is in large part due to strict regulations and skyrocketing costs for business owners. Businesses support and have supported policies that strike a balance between protecting consumers and businesses while meeting California's ambitious climate change goals. Assembly Bill 398 reformed and extended California's Cap-and-Trade program through 2030, ensuring climate leadership while mitigating potential consumer cost increases. The bill intended for cost containment features, such as a price ceiling, to reduce market volatility. However, the California Air Resources Board's (CARB) proposed price ceiling is higher than most stakeholders have recommended. CARB's pricing structure significantly threatens the economic health of consumers and businesses. 
    Written by VICA President Stuart Waldman
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