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    Last-minute Scheduling of L.A. Retail Workers Soon Could Be Barred
    July 3
    Stuart Waldman, president of the Valley Industry & Commerce Assn., said his group has concerns about possible penalties for businesses that need to fill spots when employees call in sick, but was waiting to get more details about the proposed measure before taking a position. "We don't know exactly what the council will come up with," Waldman said. "If there is complete rigidity on what the employer can do to replace employees...it hurts the employee more.
    Twelve Years After the Release of the iPhone, Still Waiting on the PUC
    July 10
    Op-Ed by Stuart Waldman
    This is just one example of the leisurely pace with which the CPUC responds to new technology. It's an illustration of why we need to keep our Legislature in charge of internet technology, and not allow the CPUC to take over that role. Assemblymember Lorena Gonzalez introduced bill AB 1366, which keeps the Legislature's oversight in place. This policy benefits millions of consumers.
    Los Angeles Plan Would Setback Our Energy Supply
    July 31
    Op-Ed by Stuart Waldman
    Despite what some may claim, we simply cannot snap our fingers and become reliant upon only renewables. As we're transitioning to a greater reliance on alternative energy sources, we must continue to reduce the life-cycle emissions from all forms of energy. That's why California oil and gas producers are devoting scientists, engineers, resources and technology to lead these efforts.
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