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  • Solar Panel Mandate Will Increase Housing Costs

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    Van Nuys, Calif. – Today, the California Energy Commission voted on a mandate that would require solar panels to be installed on top of nearly every new apartment building, house, and condo beginning in 2020.
    VICA President Stuart Waldman said: 

    “Today’s decision by the California Energy Commission gives housing developers and potential homeowners another reason to leave California.

    “Housing affordability is one of the major issues facing our state. Skyrocketing home prices are a result of onerous regulations and high fees homebuilders must abide by. Increasing costs to build have pushed home prices further out of reach for many middle- and working-class families.

    “It’s not practical to require homebuilders to install solar panels on 100 percent of new homes when only about a fifth of California’s new homes have this technology installed.

    “Technology is evolving at an incredibly rapid pace. Forcing homeowners and developers to invest significant sums in existing technology limits the potential investment for even more efficient technologies currently under development.

    “Solar panels have changed dramatically within the last few years. This mandate handicaps innovation and limits future technologies.

    “We should be focusing on providing incentives for homebuilders, not forcing them to increase their upfront construction costs – it all adds up and will be reflected on the price tag of the home.

    “The $10,000 to $20,000 it costs to install solar panels can be the difference between getting a home and not getting a home for some home buyers.

    “Californians want to achieve their California dream, and decisions like the one from today are pulling us further and further away from realizing that vision.” 

    Stuart Waldman, President
    Valley Industry & Commerce Association (VICA)
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