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  • Sidewalk Vendors Are Coming to Your Neighborhood Whether You Like it or Not

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    Van Nuys, Calif. – After years of advocacy work by VICA and the business community, the Los Angeles City Council passed an ordinance regulating sidewalk vending. The ordinance establishes a permit system for vendors subject to specific restrictions such as limitations on selling near entertainment venues. The passage of the ordinance is only the first step in the process of implementing new rules and regulations for sidewalk vending in Los Angeles. Over the next year, the city will continue to work on crafting the permit system.
    VICA President Stuart Waldman said, “Though severely limited in what they could regulate by Senate Bill 946, VICA commends the City Council for working within the limitations of this ridiculous state law to pass an ordinance that respects the concerns of the business community.”
    Waldman went on to say, “By crafting an ordinance that exempts entertainment venues from certain restrictions, councilmembers ensured that brick-and-mortar businesses will be able to operate with as little disruption as possible. Unfortunately, Senate Bill 946 undermined the City’s ability to create a policy that completely protects the interests of brick-and-mortar businesses.”
    “While the passage of this ordinance is a critical first step, there is still work to be done. The cost and feasibility of implementing and enforcing the plan is still unknown. However, VICA looks forward to working with the city to develop a permit system that work for vendors and brick-and-mortar businesses as this program is rolled out over the next year.” said Waldman.
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