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  • Prop. 69: Safeguarding Taxpayer Dollars and Fixing Our Roads

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    The movement of people and goods is essential to the economic vitality of California. However, due to historically insufficient funding, the state has been unable to effectively maintain roads and has accrued a multi-billion-dollar repair backlog. We cannot afford to further delay the maintenance, rehabilitation, and growth of our transportation infrastructure.

    Proposition 69, which will be on the June ballot, is a critically important measure that will help ensure our state’s infrastructure needs are adequately addressed. Last week, the VICA Board of Directors voted to support Prop. 69, officially known as the Transportation Taxes and Fees Lockbox and Appropriations Limit Exemption Amendment. A companion to last year’s Senate Bill 1 (Beall), Prop. 69 will restrict the spending of new vehicle taxes and fees to transportation purposes only.
    VICA strongly supported SB 1, the California Road Repair and Accountability Act, a statewide funding and expenditure plan to repair, enhance and build California’s transportation infrastructure. Prop. 69 provides constitutional protections for the revenues generated under SB 1, banning lawmakers from diverting new funds away from transportation efforts and funneling it instead to their pet projects.

    Local businesses and consumers rely on a fully operating, diverse transportation system to connect to goods and service providers. Thanks to SB1, California can begin to address the deferred maintenance on the state highways and local streets and roads, as well as improve the state’s trade corridors and transit systems. Without the protections in Prop. 69, funds intended to pay for road repair and maintenance could be used for non-transportation related purposes.

    VICA looks forward to engaging voters on the importance of passing Prop. 69 to keep our legislators accountable and ensure they fulfill the promises of SB 1.                   
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