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  • Nineteen for '19 - Getting Housing Built, Business Friendly Labor Laws, Balanced Energy, and 2028 Olympics Lead VICA's 2019 Legislative Priorities

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    Van Nuys, Calif. – The Valley Industry and Commerce Association (VICA) has released its 2019 Legislative Priorities, the top nineteen local and state policy issues that will shape VICA’s advocacy efforts for this year.  
    VICA’s 2019 Legislative Priorities come from a broader list formed by the group’s policy committees, which were reviewed by the board of directors and voted on by VICA general membership.
    VICA President Stuart Waldman said:

    “For 70 years VICA has advocated on behalf of the San Fernando Valley business community and advocated for policies that drive economic growth - this year is no different. We are facing a housing crisis and losing businesses to cities and states with more reasonable labor laws and less expensive fees and taxes.

    “The buck should stop with our decision makers, but it is the business community’s responsibility to help them create good public policy. We are not going to solve the housing crisis unless we build more housing, and we will not retain employers if we continue to increase the cost to do business. Our Nineteen for ‘19 priorities demonstrate VICA’s commitment to address these important issues our city and state continue to face.”
    In 2019, VICA will:
    1. Support the development of housing at all economic levels to address homelessness and the workforce housing crisis in Los Angeles.
    2. Push to reform and streamline CEQA.  
    3. Oppose attempts to raise the statewide cap on local sales and use taxes.
    4. Lead the effort for business tax reform in the City of Los Angeles, including implementation of the Business Tax Advisory Council’s recommended plan to halve rates within five years and eliminate the onerous tax altogether within 15 years.  
    5. Work to support acceleration of all Measure M-funded Metro projects.
    6. Work to ensure the state definition of ‘High Quality Transit’ is sensitive to Los Angeles and the San Fernando Valley, and reevaluated to include Bus Rapid Transit projects and other transit options.
    7. Support the development of sports and recreational infrastructure in the Valley during preparation for the 2028 Olympics and Paralympic Games.  
    8. Call for reinstatement of the flexible work week that allows individual employees to request deviation from the 8-hour, five-day state mandate.
    9. Advocate for a minimum 65-day right to cure period before a lawsuit can be filed against an employer under the Private Attorneys General Act (PAGA).
    10. Push for financial penalties to be assessed in response to fraudulent workers compensation claims.
    11. Work to increase existing and identify new funding sources for clean air programs that protect public health while supporting business growth.
    12. Work to enhance and tighten statutory time limits related to project approval and ensure they are properly enforced at the local level.
    13. Promote a diverse resource mix, including natural gas, renewable gas and electricity, to preserve consumer choice, ensure reasonable, reliable energy service and also protect us from the drawbacks of reliance on a single energy delivery system.
    14. Support increased career technical, vocational and computer science funding in schools.
    15. Work to ensure that federal funding remains in place for community health centers, which will guarantee access to care and protect tens of thousands of jobs.
    16. Advocate for local streamlining of costly and time-consuming barriers to film, television and commercial production in Los Angeles.
    17. Support legislation which limits the time period after termination in which a workers compensation claim can be filed.
    18. Work to increase reimbursement levels for Medi-Cal and Medicare to retain quality healthcare in California.  
    19. Work to amend the minimum salary threshold for exempt employees so that it is not linked to the minimum wage.
    The mission of the Valley Industry & Commerce Association (VICA) is to enhance the economic vitality of the greater San Fernando Valley region by advocating for a better business climate and quality of life. Visit www.vica.com for more information
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