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  • Legislators Try To Make Juice, Sports Drinks, Sodas and Teas More Expensive; Hurting Small Business Owners and Families

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    Van Nuys – Today, the California Legislature introduced bills to attack juices, sports drinks, sodas and teas. They want to ban coupons and keep drinks away from checkout stands. They want to limit drink size to 16 ounces. They also want to ban promotions; add warning labels; and tax your drinks.
    “We believe that Californians want their legislators to make it easier to raise a family or run a business. The package of legislation introduced today will only serve to make it harder for local business owners across our state that make up the fabric of our communities. We all want the same thing - a healthy California - but we believe there are better ways to make that real without passing new laws that could hurt our local economies and lead to job losses or business closures. We look forward to raising our voices this legislative session to make California more affordable.“ said Stuart Waldman, President of VICA.
    VICA is extremely concerned about the impact of the following bills on families and small businesses:
    • AB 138 (Bloom) tax on drinks
    • AB 764 (Bonta) promotion & sale prohibition on drinks
    • AB 765 (Wicks) prohibits placing drinks at displays near the check out
    • AB 766 (Chiu) portion size limit to 16 oz.
    • SB 347 (Monning) warning labels 

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