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    Government agencies in California are out of control.  Every year, they add new rules to the plethora of burdensome regulations that hurt California residents and businesses. Meanwhile, existing regulations are reviewed rarely, if ever.

    While an analysis is required when a new regulation is proposed, current law only requires a regulation to be reviewed “from time to time.” This lack of specificity allows a subset of unelected bureaucrats to impose essentially permanent laws that cost Californians millions of dollars every year.

    VICA calls for legislation to require all regulations to be reviewed within the next five years and all future regulations to include a specified, recurring review period. Furthermore, all regulations impacting our economy in excess of $25 million annually should include a five year sunset review.

    With so many regulations that lay out desired objectives and then fail to meet them, we need a system that can assess these negative impacts in a timely manner. Through regular review of state regulations, our state can reach its long-term economic, social and environmental goals without causing further financial harm to business owners, employees and consumers.

    Call or e-mail your state representatives today and ask them to support VICA’s proposal.

    Click here to find your State Assemblymember and Senator.

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