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    This column originally appeared in the June 2017 edition of Business Life. 

    As President of the Valley Industry and Commerce Association (VICA), one of my favorite traditions is our San Fernando Valley Business Hall of Fame. We’ve inducted some of the Valley’s best businesses, which have stood the test of time and which continue to thrive into the 21st century. This summer we will be celebrating our tenth Annual Hall of Fame dinner. We are honored to induct five great businesses this year, and I’m looking forward to celebrating with them on June 8.

    Our five 2017 inductees are a diverse group of businesses. From a toy company to a reality television production company to one of America’s leading senior healthcare systems, a full-service custom design and glass manufacturing company and a law firm with a reputation for getting the job done, the distinguished spirit of the San Fernando Valley shines through this fantastic group.

    Alpert, Barr, & Grant is a professional law firm with over thirty years of experience in the San Fernando Valley. Over the last three decades, they have developed strong relationships and fostered a community that is based on trust and shared commitment. There is no doubt their bright and experienced staff can handle the toughest legal challenges for their clients.

    Since 1987, Bunim/Murray Productions has created original, memorable, and Emmy Award-winning reality television. Over the years, they have captivated their audience with innovative and engaging television shows. This is apparent from the millions of views their current programming, including Real World and Keeping up with the Kardashians, receives. Bunim/Murray has won and continues to win numerous awards and industry accolades.

    The Los Angeles Jewish Home currently serves 6,000 seniors every year and is the largest single-source provider of senior housing in Los Angeles. Founded in 1912, this non-profit has been the place of safety and security, activity, wellness, and longevity for seniors. Their mission of delivering “excellence in senior care reflective of Jewish values” has guided the care of thousands of San Fernando Valley seniors.

    Founded nearly thirty years ago, MGA Entertainment has revolutionized children’s toys and entertainment products. MGA Entertainment is passionate in their objective to entertain children throughout the world with their innovative products. The company truly recognizes the potential of their employees in the Valley.

    ​UltraGlas is an award winning, artist-led glass manufacturing company. Drawing on forty years of glass design and innovation, they continuously astonish their clients with magnificent and highly detailed work. They are known to produce exceptionally designed architectural glass. UltraGlas also practices earth-friendly manufacturing and is committed to the environment and conservation of natural resources.

    ​VICA created the San Fernando Valley Business Hall of Fame to honor our local individuals, businesses, and organizations that have contributed to the Valley’s rich history. Each year, our diverse selections of inductees serve as a testament to the distinct, dynamic business community that drives the San Fernando Valley economy.

    Our inductees, as well as all of our members, are living proof that thriving businesses and a robust workforce are the key to our region’s cultural and economic vitality. The Valley is one of the most productive places in California.

    The strength of our business community demonstrates to our lawmakers that policies that attract, retain, and expand business are the ticket to a thriving environment for all.

    I look forward to welcoming you to VICA’s Annual Hall of Fame.
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