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  • Development of Shelters and Transitional Housing Tops Business Group's 2020 Legislative Priorities

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    The Valley Industry and Commerce Association (VICA) has released its 2020 Legislative Priorities, the top ten local and state policy issues that will shape VICA’s advocacy efforts this year. 
    VICA President Stuart Waldman said:
    “For the last two years, our membership has determined that our main priority and focus should be to support policies that will help provide and develop more housing and shelter. The housing and homelessness crisis is continuing to worsen, and we believe the business community plays an important role in developing policies that will generate real solutions.
    “There is a lot to look forward to in 2020, but there is also a lot to get done. VICA will be at the forefront advocating for policies that improve the business climate in the San Fernando Valley and Los Angeles, as well as pushing for the development of shelters and transitional housing in our region.”
    In 2020, VICA will:
    1. Support the development of shelters and transitional housing in the San Fernando Valley and throughout Los Angeles. 
    2. Oppose attempts to raise the statewide cap on local sales and use taxes.
    3. Work to ensure that transportation funding is for transportation projects and transportation purposes.
    4. Lead the effort for business tax reform in the City of Los Angeles, including implementation of the Business Tax Advisory Council’s recommended plan to halve rates within five years and eliminate the onerous tax altogether within 15 years.
    5. Support funding for high-quality public education, positive legislation for charter schools, and increased career vocational and computer science funding in schools.
    6. Push to reform and streamline CEQA.
    7. Call for reinstatement of the flexible work week that allows individual employees to request deviation from 8-hour, five-day state mandate.
    8. Work to support legislative policies and funding that promote the development and deployment of near-zero and zero emission infrastructure, equipment and vehicle technology to protect public health and support a healthy economy.
    9. Work to ensure any attempt to reform healthcare policies does not have a negative impact on healthcare costs, taxpayers or coverage.
    10. Work to ensure the investments Los Angeles and the San Fernando Valley are making in transportation is maximized by building more homes near transit. 
    VICA’s 2020 Legislative Priorities come from a broader list formed by the group’s policy committees, which was reviewed by the board of directors and voted on by VICA general membership.
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