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  • California Governor Introduces 2021-22 Budget Plan

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    Van Nuys, Calif. – In response to Governor Newsom’s 2021-22 budget proposal, VICA President Stuart Waldman said: 

    “This budget will determine how California rebuilds from our current crisis, and it is imperative that we ensure our businesses and communities are heard in this process. As we face a difficult path forward, VICA is proud to be active in voicing the concerns of the San Fernando Valley.” 

    “The over $1 billion in small business relief this year is a welcome sight to many businesses that have been pushed to the brink this year. Still, the tax credits and fee waivers will do little to help businesses who are simply struggling to pay their employees. What we need are more grants for businesses, before it is too late.” 

    “Today, Governor Newsom said that ‘California is poised for an economic recovery. If we do not follow through with our goals to help businesses, this economic recovery cannot, and will not, happen.” 

    “VICA commends Governor Newsom’s focus on getting our kids back to school and ensuring that schools serve communities. Children are the future of our economy and have lost enough in the past year – let’s make sure we give them the education they deserve.” 

    It is good to see that telehealth is a priority in the Governor’s budget. Investing in telehealth will expand healthcare flexibility and ensure hospitals aren’t inundated with visits that could be done safely at home – protecting both doctors and patients as we try to limit the spread of COVID-19" 

    We’re disappointed that when the Governor spoke about the eviction moratorium extension, there was no mention of helping out property owners who are bearing the brunt of the pandemic alone. If we are going to help tenants, then we should also be providing relief to those property owners. 

    “Governor Newsom continues talking about California’s ‘values. We can really see where those values are when, during an unprecedented crisis, he wants to spend $1.5 billion on the zero-emission vehicle goal, but only $575 million for small business grants to keep our economy running.” 

    “It is refreshing to see our homelessness funding focusing on innovative solutions that have proven themselves to work for those who need itBut, with homelessness rising, we encourage the state to focus on prevention, especially as more and more individuals are falling into homelessness due to the pandemic.” 

    The goal of holding local government accountable for housing production is what we have been saying all along – lessen the burden on developers, reduce administrative hurdles, and add housing units. Thank you, Governor Newsom, for finally recognizing that this is the only way to fix California’s housing crisis.” 


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