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  • Board of Supervisors to Vote on Proposal to Increase Cost of Building Housing

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    Van Nuys, Calif. – VICA continues to have strong concerns about the proposed ordinance requiring residential developers to invest in County-approved art or pay the equivalent of 1 percent of their project value into a County Arts Fund. The proposal will be heard by the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors on Tuesday, July 23.
    VICA President Stuart Waldman said:
    “Los Angeles County is in the middle of a housing and homelessness crisis, and instead of addressing these concerns, the Board of Supervisors has received a recommendation to increase the cost of housing construction. We have 59,000 people in the County that do not have a place to call home – that’s a 12 percent increase over last year. These people are looking for shelter, not art installations.
    “This tax to fund art is supposed to enhance the quality of life for County residents. But I ask the Supervisors, how is art more important than putting roofs over peoples’ heads?
    “The Board is considering this additional 1 percent tax on new homes at a time that demand for residential construction is far greater than the supply.
    “When this ordinance was first introduced, residential development was explicitly exempted - there was an understanding that there would be a negative impact on housing in the County, and the staff report acknowledged this impact. The skyrocketing homeless counts should be an indication that the construction of homes needs as much help as it can get – not a new tax.
    “VICA strongly urges the County Board of Supervisors to stop this proposal to add a new fee on badly-needed residential development.”
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