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    If VICA's Hall of Fame included an athlete, what athlete from
    a Los Angeles team (current or otherwise) would you want inducted?

    Amy EvansAmy Evans
    VICA Member
    Vice President, Employee Benefits Leavitt Group
      Jackie Robinson. He grew up in the Pasadena area, attended UCLA (where he became the school's first athlete to win varsity letters in four sports: baseball, basketball, football, and track) and broke the color barrier in Major League Baseball with bravery and grace while playing for the Brooklyn (now Los Angeles) Dodgers.
    Brendan HuffmanBrendan L. Huffman
    VICA Member
    Owner, Huffman Public Affairs, LLC
      The Valley has produced dozens of notable athletes such as Gail Goodrich and Rafer Johnson. From a business perspective, however, none of them have had as much of an impact as basketball legend, bestselling author and longtime Encino resident John Wooden. His pyramid of success has been implemented by thousands of successful business people and inspired millions of people to “make every day your masterpiece.'
    Bob Rodine
    Bob Rodine
    VICA Member
    Principal Consultant, The Polaris Group

    Since 1962, the Dodgers have had stars that have added to LA’s economy and image. Some are Sandy Koufax (3 Cy Young awards-World Series MVP-Season MVP and great image member of the organization), Steve Garvey (Roberto Clemente Award- NLCS MVP-2 All Star MVP-Season MVP and Gold Glove recipient), and Bull Dog (6 awards both offensive and defensive). There have been other great athletes but not all have added both economic impact and image enhancement. Tough selection!


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    What piece of business advice would you give to
    college seniors applying for jobs now?

    Marissa Castro-SalvatiMarissa Castro-Salvati
    VICA Member
    Local Public Affairs Regional Manager, Southern California Edison
      College seniors should do their homework on companies they plan to apply for a job, whether through personal interviews of current employees in the company and/or thorough research of the company.  Being knowledgeable is a good way of arming one's self when going through this employment process.  Hiring managers are typically impressed with external candidates who exhibit knowledge of the business.  In addition, conduct mock-interviews with your friends/family in order to be prepared and build one's self confidence for the interview process.  
    Brad HertzBrad Hertz
    VICA Member
    Partner, The Sutton Group
      My advice is to “Do Your Homework” and “Don’t Give Up.”  By “Do Your Homework,” I mean thoroughly research what’s out there, work your contacts, and be ready when opportunity knocks.  By “Don’t Give Up,” I mean keep knocking on doors, chasing down leads, and staying focused on your goals.
    Kim Kersher
    Kim Kerscher
    VICA Member
    Director of Communications, The Buckley School

      Know yourself and your goals and be able to communicate them clearly and succinctly. Practice your interviewing skills and put your top writing skills to use in every form of written communication you use, from email to cover letters to LinkedIn. Network, network, network. Be humble. In college you have been studying high-level concepts, but first jobs often involve much more basic work.  Don’t be discouraged – it’s the best way to learn an industry.
    Michael Olenick
    Michael Olenick
    VICA Member
    President & CEO, Child Care Resource Center
       A BA is just the beginning. Finding your ideal job may take a while.  A good way to get your foot in the door may be an internship. We look for writing skills, team players, discipline, and ethics. Eventually consider graduate school to move up.
    Bob Rodine
    Bob Rodine
    VICA Member
    Principal Consultant, The Polaris Group

    An employer looks at what you can do for him. At the interview, show the employer skills you can bring to the company’s challenges [research before your interview] and be prepared to deliver on day ONE. In business, display leadership potential at all career levels. Don’t expect to run things as rookie. Let special skills distinguish you.  Focus on needs of company - process/profit improvement. Get the good job that offers growth and development, not just the one with big bucks.


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